Marine Travelift Marine Forklift

Sometimes, a marina is better served by using a marine forklift for certain boat handling situations than by a boat hoist or any other equipment. With increasing pressure to maximize the utilization of waterfront property, it has become increasing popular for smaller marinas to use "dry stack" facilities for boat storage and to handle boats with a marine forklift.

Please contact us for more information on the marine forklifts we offer.

Some of the features Marine Travelift has engineered into the line of marine forklifts include:

  • Heavy-duty Mast
    Our heavy-duty mast features a 12 ft (3.658 m) negative lift and a 30 ft (9.144 m) positive lift, with options of adding up to a total of 43 ft (13.106 m) of positive lift.
  • Swing-out Forks
    By adding some additional maneuverability to the lifting forks, we maximize the boat handling control for the operator.
  • Corrosion Resistance
    Our machines are specially designed to withstand harsh salt water conditions and resist corrosion which can shorten the life of your investment.
  • Remote Lifting Control
    By allowing for a remote lift, the operator can work quickly and efficiently.
  • Hydrostatic Drive (NEW)
    Allows the operator to have full proportional speed (even in reverse) regardless of engine RPM
  • Operator Access & Visibility
    Our stepped entry/exit provides easy operator access from both sides of the machine. Once in the cab, the operator enjoys excellent visibility from our forward mounted cab, which results in safer lifting conditions.
  • Wet-disk Brakes
    Our braking system provides long, maintenance-free performance.

For a visual breakdown of these key features and options, please feel free to print out one of our Marine Travelift Marine Forklift brochures.